About Us

This group started its activities in 2010 in the field of designing and manufacturing of industrial machinery and related equipment, relying on indigenous knowledge. To achieve this goal, the team members have been always maintaining their relationship with the scientific and research centers, and by upgrading technical knowledge in the fields of solid mechanics, lightweight structures, vibrations, fluid mechanics, polymer, electronics, computer sciences, and artificial intelligence. All members strive in order that the group has science-based activities. In this regard, the use of powerful and up-to-date engineering softwares in the design processes has improved the performance and increased the quality and the speed of work in the execution of projects.

Above all, having scientific knowledge in some astronomical areas such as the moon crescent observation, navigation, astronomical optics, telescope structure and observatories, as well as having experiences in superintendence and construction of observatories, crescent observation, installation, Launching, and repairing astronomical equipment, this group is interested in designing and performing astronomical projects, especially the observatory and its equipment.


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