Amir Hossein Mazaheri

Amir Hossein is a Mechanical Engineer who has studied Mech. Engineering at two of the best universities in Iran. After participating in the National University Entrance Exam in 2009, he was eligible to attend the Isfahan University of Technology for undergraduate level with full financial support (tuition-free). In 4 years of his study, he enjoyed many veteran erudite faculty members, which established strong piers of engineering knowledge in him, and enabled him to have a correct and accurate attitude toward engineering problems.

Since the first year, his passion for the mechanics stimulated him to join the Formula Automotive Group which had achieved prominent honors and awards in the Formula SAE competitions in the UK and Germany. Beside acquainting, learning, and practicing the engineering knowledge and professional skills, he learned to effectively communicate and cooperate with other teammates to improve the efficiency in doing tasks and projects. In another point of view, being leadership of a part of the group reinforced the basis of communication, teamwork, and managerial skills in his personality, which prepared him for contending more adventurous situations in his career.

Having the inventive and curious traits led to assembling the most pioneer and diligent members of the Automotive Group in an engineering group called IPTEC. The main focus of the group’s activity was selected on the basis of innovative design and high-quality manufacturing of industrial machines and equipment, and any specific field was not considered because all the team members were enthusiastic about exploring various areas in the industry. After a while, the group recruited new members in order to extend its activities. Due to the acquaintance of some members with astronomical equipment, and doing enough research, the team started working in this field alongside the industrial activities.

After working in the group for a while, he became more motivated to pursue his education in the field of composite and lightweight structures due to the group’s need for this expertise. Therefore, he participated again in the National University Entrance Exam for graduate level in 2015, and he was eligible to attend the Iran university of Science and Technology which has the Center of Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics and Dynamics with a brilliant faculty in the country. At the master’s level, he enhanced his knowledge in the field of design and analysis of composites and lightweight structures, and honed his scientific research and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) skills.

During these years of his membership, IPTEC Group has enjoyed his creativity and innovative intelligence. Here is a list of projects in which he got involved during these years:

֍ A comprehensive review of the methods of composite to metal joining with careful scrutiny on the effects of surface preparation techniques on the bonding strength.

֍ Design and manufacturing of an innovative full-automatic milling-drilling CNC machine (SM-50)

֍ Design and manufacturing of a custom-made off-axis miniature spindle

֍ Design and construction of the first full-robotic observatory in Iran (Shahin Shahr Observatory)

֍ Design and manufacturing of a new portable engraving machine for the handicrafts

֍ Design of a full-automatic thick-walled pipe cut-off machine

֍ Design of an anti-vibration pier for observatory telescopes

֍ Design and analysis of a new frictional clutch combined with jaw-spiral coupling

֍ Design of linear module systems

֍ Design and manufacturing of conveyor systems

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