Astronomical Products
Meade Telescopes Balancer

Mounting instruments such as cameras, autoguiders, etc. to the telescope unbalance it, and as a result, put excessive force on the motors. This pressure reduces not only the telescope accuracy in tracking and positioning operation, but also the life of the motors, and causes damage to them.

Due to the high demand for the telescope balancer and the lack of telescope accessories in Iran, IPTEC Group has designed and manufactured a type of balancer suitable for the Meade telescopes. This balancer conveniently mounts on the Meade LX200 telescopes.

This product can be designed and customized for other telescope types according to the customer’s order. Please contact us for more information about this product.

Camera Adapters

Camera adapters are essential accessories for any night-sky photographer. These adapters have different standards depending on the models of camera and telescope.

Due to the great need of astronomers and photographers to this tool, IPTEC has manufactured two high-demand models of adapters based on consumer’s order. These adapters are designed for connecting the T-ring to the telescope focuser. The first model is for connecting the T-ring to the Vixen telescopes, and the second one is for 2-inch standard output telescopes (GSO, Sky-Watcher, etc.).

The material of these 2-in adapters is a type of aluminum alloy with anti-wear coating which does not cause damage to the instrument. Please contact us for more information about this product and ordering it.

Bahtinov Mask

Bahtinov Mask is a tool used for precise focus of telescopes designed by the Russian photographer Paul Batinov in 2005. This accessory is a reticulated flat plate with exclusive patterns which is mounted in front of the telescope, and when the telescope is aimed at a star, the target star would have a specific pattern. Using this pattern, the operator can focus the telescope on the star with high accuracy. This characteristic has made the Batino Mask one of the most practical tools for night-sky photographers around the world.

The size and pattern of this device change with the telescope properties, and it is more suitable to use a specific mask for each telescope. IPTEC Group is ready to produce a specific Batinov Mask for you by receiving your telescope properties. Please contact us for more information about this product and ordering it.