Astronomical Services
Cleaning of Optical Instruments

Astronomical optical instruments usually are utilized in non-isolated open environments, which leads to getting dusty and reduces their efficiency. For this reason, these instruments require periodical dusting and cleaning (in monthly or annual periods, depending on the function of instruments). Furthermore, these devices are very sensitive, and often have a complex structure; hence the cleaning process needs the expertise and enough experience.

For several years, IPTEC Group has been working on cleaning astronomical optical instruments for individuals, astronomical centers and universities, and obtaining great competence and experience in this area. Our methods, tools, and materials don’t damage optical elements coating. These methods have been implemented on a variety of instruments including telescope mirrors, corrector blade, eyepieces, and binocular lens.

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Repair of Optical Equipment

Due to high sensitivity and sometimes incorrect usage or maintenance of astronomical optical instruments, these devices require repair and adjustment. Considering the lack of access to agencies in the country, we decided to take another step to help the country’s astronomical community, by using our expertise and gaining knowledge and experience in the field of optical equipment repair.

The services provided by IPTEC Group in this field include the following:

  • Alignment and adjustment of optical elements of telescopes
  • Mechanical repair of the telescope mounts
  • Electronic repair of the smart mounts (GoTo)
  • Alignment and repair of binoculars

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