Clamshell Domes

Sky Eye Series

Clamshell Dome is a relatively new and simplified design of observatory domes. The absence of the rotating system has reduced the complexity of the design and construction, and eventually the price of this dome type. In this type, there are two independent shutters which can provide an angular opening from zero to 180°. Today, this type of dome is used not only for small amateur observatories but for professional robotic observatory applications as well. IPTEC Group has started designing and manufacturing these modern technological domes in Iran for the first time and is ready to present this product to the astronomical communities. Sky Eye domes have 0.7, 2, and 3.5 meters internal diameter (shutter width), independent drive system of the shutters and have a lightweight, durable and beautiful composite body.

This type of dome can be provided as a complete package including a telescope pier, a wooden platform with all electrical equipment.

Features & Specifications

Full-automatic software control system

Observatory monitoring software

Anti-reflection interior shell

Thermal insulation

Multifunctional smart illumination system