Cylindrical Domes

Sky Gate Series

Cylindrical domes have the most optimal design for the shutter-to-dome diameter ratio, convincing us to recommend it as the first choice for the dome type. IPTEC Sky Gate series have three sizes with an inner diameter of 4.2, 6.2, and 8.2 meters. The shutter of these dome series is symmetric crosswise slider type with an aperture of 1.5, 2.1, and 2.7 meters (with respect to the size of the dome), which is about 35 percent wider than shutter of spherical domes. The angular aperture range is from 0° to 111°, which allows the telescope to observe from horizon to zenith. Using a gear type power transmission, along with a powerful servo motor, allows the dome to rotate with high precision (0.01°) and at very low speeds for having simultaneous motion with the telescope. The shutter power transmission system is a type of lead screw that opens and closes the shutter completely in less than a minute.

Unlike imported amateur or semi-professional models, IPTEC domes are designed and optimized in accordance with environmental conditions. Conditions such as wind and vibration are simulated in software in order to reduce vibrations transmitted to the telescope during the operation of the observatory, as well as preventing damage to the observatory and its equipment in critical situations.

Our cylindrical domes are fully controlled and navigated by software. All the primary and peripheral equipment of the dome and even the telescope and its instruments are connected to each other by a single central control panel. By connecting this control panel to the IPTEC proprietary software, your dome becomes a fully automated and robotic dome equipped with features such as synchronizing dome and telescope motion, planning and scheduling tools during the observation process, and even controlling and sending images via Internet.

Features & Specifications

Full-automatic software control system

Observatory monitoring software

Gear type power transmission system

Self-adjusting monorail system

Ability to rotate the dome without angular restriction

Anti-reflection interior shell

Thermal insulation

Multifunctional smart illumination system