IPTEC Dobsonian Telescopes

The telescope is known as the paramount instrument in astronomy, which employs some specific types of mirrors or lenses in a special arrangement to focus the light rays reaching from the deep space into the telescope. These collected light beams are of the great value, since they have traveled long distances to our planet and have surmounted many natural barriers and filters such as the cosmic gases, the dust, and the Earth’s atmosphere. With studying these light rays, astronomers can discover the nature of planets, stars, galaxies, and other cosmic elements, and from what the universe originated, and how it evolved, and in general unveil the unknowns of the universe.

From another point of view, small telescopes have been widely using in attracting and training enthusiasts for the fascinating world of astronomy, as well as photographing the beauty of the night sky and celestial bodies.

Fortunately, amateur astronomy in Iran has sensed a good growth in recent years compared to other countries, which has increased the demand for the astronomical equipment and instruments, especially the telescopes, and flourished this market. However, the provision of these items has been fulfilled by imports since almost none of the astronomical optical equipment is manufactured in Iran so far.

Due to the necessity of increasing the national production, and relying on its capabilities and experience in the design and fabrication of some astronomical devices, IPTEC Co. started to manufacture a type of Dobsonian telescope in 2015. This telescope has all the technical parameters and specifications of a standard telescope, and has designed as much as possible without any replicating from exotic models.

IPTEC is going to launch mass production of these types of telescopes in the near future as the first Iranian telescope brand.

Also, IPTEC Group has begun the study of the complex optical arrays, as well as large hyper-advanced telescope mounts, in order to raise the level of its knowledge and expertise, and provide suitable circumstances to indigenize these technologies, if they are needed by the country’s scientific and research centers.