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Designing and manufacturing of industrial machinery, modern observatories and astronomical equipment


IPTEC domes can be used for astronomical and meteorological applications. Features including software control, telescope synchronization, online monitoring ability, and intelligent interior illumination have been contrived in the stylish and modern domes designed in different dimensions and styles to cover all customers’ needs. In addition to the construction of the observatory, the team implements a variety of technologies and equipment used in the most modern observatories in the world.

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Astronomical Equipment and Services

Along with industrial activities, IPTEC Co. has been engaging with the designing and manufacturing several astronomical equipment and instruments such as telescopes and accessories in a pretty industrial approach. Other services provided by IPTEC include repair, adjustment, and cleaning of optical equipment, professional training courses, and consulting on the production of astronomical equipment.

Industrial Products

Due to its experience and expertise and the society’s essential needs, IPTEC has fully indigenized some technologies and industrial productions in various areas and is ready to be commissioned in this field.

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Industrial Activities

Designing and manufacturing machinery and equipment required by various industries by considering international standards, indigenization of technologies requested by industries and eliminating dependence on exotic products, as well as developing and optimizing existing equipment based on engineering analysis and technical calculations are the paramount areas of activity of IPTEC.


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