Cycloidal Wind Turbine

Today, considering the growth and expansion of urbanism, and increasing the use of fossil fuels, which are non-renewable, as well as their consequent environmental problems have become a serious crisis. Therefore, the global inclination to use renewable energy resources is increasing day by day. Solar and wind power are among the most dominant and accessible types of renewable energy resources for electric power generation.

The basic requirement for constructing a wind power plant is the existence of dominant steady wind flow in an area with a speed range of 4 to 14 m/s. For power generation at the scale of several hundred kilowatts to several megawatts, the horizontal axis wind turbines are an appropriate option. In order to increase the efficiency of this type of wind power plants, a large number of turbines are often employed in a large unpopulated area. The construction and even maintenance of such power plants require huge budget allocations and tremendous costs. On the other hand, to generate clean energy in the urban environment and in a smaller scale, another type of turbines called cycloidal wind turbine (vertical axis), which is specifically designed and optimized for use in urban environment and has 1 to 10 kilowatts generating power, can be utilized.

Unlike the outside of the city, the direction and intensity of wind flow are constantly changing in the urban areas. Therefore, due to its geometrical shape of blades, this type of turbine fits well with these conditions and is able to generate energy in different wind flow directions and at a wide speed range. Moreover, the cost of manufacturing and maintaining this turbine model is far less than the horizontal axis turbines.


For the first time in Iran, in 2014, this type of turbine was fully indigenized at Isfahan University of Technology, in which some IPTEC experts were working.

Now, with the technical knowledge of designing and manufacturing these turbines, IPTEC is ready to perform locating, consulting, custom designing, manufacturing, and installing all types of cycloidal turbines.