Engraving Machine

Toreutics is defined as creating exquisite patterns and motifs on the metal objects, especially copper, gold, silver, and brass or bronze by engraving or hammering techniques. Toreutic handicrafts have a great and brilliant background in Iran for thousands of years ago. In these days, there are three main styles of toreutics: Isfahan style, Tabriz style, and Shiraz style. In Isfahan style, engraving is implemented by hammer hits on the graver tool. Hence the grooves created by this style are deeper.

IPTEC engineers have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a machine which can be used for engraving on soft metals without using a hammer and its noisy hits. Having an ergonomic design, lightweight, noiseless, and easy-to-use, this machine has been invented for utilizing in the handicraft industry.

Removing only the hammer hits, this tool retains the originality of the artwork and crafts, and only helps the artists in this field to create original, exquisite, and precious handicrafts by increasing their speed and accuracy. This innovation has established an opportunity for the artists as the creators of artworks, along with retaining the originality of their art, benefit from the integration of the art and the technology.