Linear Module

Linear modules are a kind of linear actuators widely used in automation systems and industrial machinery. These actuators convert the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear motion. Linear modules are generally designed and manufactured in three types of uniaxial, biaxial, and triaxial, and their components are selected or designed according to the loading conditions, precision and speed required, and the stroke length.

The power transmission mechanism of these actuators can be divided into three general categories: gear (rack and pinion), screw (ball screw and lead screw) and belt (timing belt and v-belt).

The motion mechanism of linear modules, depending on the operating condition, are classified into two groups of sliding rail-wagon and rolling rail-wagon. Sliding rail-wagon types are typically designed and manufactured for specific applications in which continuous motion without any vibration is required. Rolling rail-wagon types are more applicable, and their parts in various standard series, dimension, and models including circular-section rails and square-section rails called Linear Guide are available in the market.

In line with the indigenization of industrial automation systems, IPTEC Group designs and manufactures linear modules of various models and dimensions with the highest quality.