Automatic Pipe Cut-off Machine

It is very clear that the manufacturing of automotive parts has high productivity, thus the time and quality are very important factors in this field. On the other side, due to its high carbon content as well as its grain type, cast iron requires careful cutting operation and observing its conditions and the correct selection of the tool so that the cutting can be performed in the shortest time and with the most efficiency.

Therefore, after numerous studies, IPTEC specialists were able to design an automated pipe cutting machine in 2014 that meets all the needs and requirements of the industrialists in this field. This full-automatic machine is specially designed for cutting thick-walled cast iron pipes. These types of pipes are produced by centrifugal casting method in specific molds and used in the automotive industry.

This machine is capable of performing four simultaneous cuts in less than 12 seconds on 120mm outer diameter pipes and feeds the uncut pipes and discharges the cut pipes by automatic mechanisms. It is also equipped with a system for the separation of iron particles from silica in order to easily recover metal scraps. In order to increase the safety of the machine, cutting operations are carried out in a closed chamber with acoustic insulation and impact-resistant glass shield. By implementing some optimizations, this machine can be used in various industries to cut all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous pipes.