Pitot Tube and Vane

The pitot tube is the most popular device for measuring velocity and pressure, and it has high accuracy especially in calculating total pressure and direct velocity. Rotating blades can also be used to calculate the attack angle. To achieve the above-mentioned features simultaneously, IPTEC has utilized a combination of the pitot tube with rotating blades. This product has high precision and trivial error at high speeds and pressures. With the use of special sensors, all parameters can be accurately, quickly and easily recorded. High moisture tolerance up to 95% and having a perfect performance in the temperature range of -20 to +60° C have made this device operational in many applications at a reasonable price.

  • Minimum speed: 50 km/s
  • Maximum speed: 350 km/s
  • Minimum attack angle: -40°
  • Maximum attack angle: +40°
  • Minimum lateral roll angle: -40°
  • Maximum lateral roll angle: +40°
  • Minimum accuracy of speed measurement: 5 km/s
  • Minimum accuracy of altitude measurement: 15m
  • Minimum accuracy of attack angle measurement: 0.5°
  • Minimum accuracy of lateral roll angle measurement: 0.5°
  • Material: AISI304
  • Having capability of installing a heating system on the pitot